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Free Tier


…a virtual Friendly Local Game Store!

  • One Basic world, with:
    • Up to 4 players
    • Up to 10 Watchers
    • 1 Game Master (GM)
    • 1 wiki
    • 1 forum
  • Access to an unlimited number of worlds (with the GM‘s permission)
  • Coming soon: Access to the Registered Users world
  • Access to the Discord channel

Premium Tier


…a virtual living room of your own!

You get everything included with the Basic Tier, plus:

  • 1 Premium world, with everything included in a Basic world, plus:
    • Up to 6 more Players, for a total of 10
    • Up to 10 more Watchers, for a total of 20
    • 1 more GM in your Premium world, to help out with all the new players
  • You can also choose to:
    • Remove your username from the public directories (other users have to already know your username to invite you to their worlds)
    • Remove your worlds from the public directories (other users have to already know your world name to ask to join it)
    • Restrict Watcher access to your world to only those users you‘ve invited to watch
  • Coming soon: Access to the Premium Users world
  • Premium access to our Discord channel
  • Coming soon: A special badge on forums, indicating your premium status

Custom Tier

(By Arrangement)

…a virtual convention center!

If the Premium Tier isn‘t enough, we can customize your access to support virtually unlimited numbers of Players, Watchers, and GMs.

If you‘re throwing a party and the whole Internet is invited, we can work something out — Virtua Rasa is designed with scalability in mind!

We‘ll work with you to figure out availability requirements and pricing to make your event a success!

Contact us via our web form, or email us at for a custom quote.

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