Virtua Rasa has several ways for players to communicate during a game. First, there is is a standard text chat, accessed in a popup on the lower right hand side of the map. Players will chat as their default unit (see below) if they have one, otherwise as their username. Gamemasters default to the same as players, but they can change to chat as any unit. Changing the 'Chat As' field at the bottom of the chat popup will change who the Gamemaster is chatting as.

A user may point to a place on the map with a shift-click, double-click, or a long-press. An arrow colored as their default unit and labeled with their name will be placed on the map. It can be removed by pressing the ESC key.

A user may draw on the map with a shift-click-drag, or a long-press-drag. While drawing a dashed curve will be drawn. The dashed curve indicates it is only visible to the player drawing. Once the mouse button is released or the touch lifted, the curve is submitted to the server and redrawn as solid. Once solid it should be visible to all players. This drawing can be thought of as a transparent whiteboard over the map. All drawing can be erased with the 'Clear Paths' button in the titlebar.