When a world is created, a map in the world is created with the name of the world. Additional maps may be created for cities, dungeons, and other regions in the world.

To add or edit your maps, follow Profile->Manage->Manage Maps to go to the Manage Maps page. Once there you can select a map to edit, or use the create button to add a new map (assuming you have not created the maximum allowed). There are several parameters of each map that may be changed.

  • Name: The name of the map, which will be displayed in the menu and other locations. Excessively long names may prove inconvenient.

  • Background: There are several options for map backgrounds.

    • None: No background will be used, just the browser default.

    • Inherit: The background of the map named after the world will be used.

    • Scaled Image: The URL field will be used as the background. The ':wiki' prefix (e.g. ':wiki/someimage.jpg`) may be used here to access images uploaded to your wiki. The image will be scaled to fill the map.

    • Centered Image: Same as Scaled Image, but the image is centered in the map without scaling.

    • Tiled Image: Same as Scaled Image, but the image is tiled over the map instead of scaled up.

    • Color: Sets the background to the solid color you provide.

  • Grid Scale: The size of each square on the map. This is used for movement and distance calculation.

  • Map Bounds: Sets the boundary of the map, in squares. Negative values are ok, but Left must be less than Right, and Top less than Bottom. Adjust these if you find you need to add some space to your map. Extremely large maps (thousands of squares wide) may have problems on some browsers.