Quick Start Player’s Guide for Virtua Rasa

World domination is a player’s game. So is saving reality.

Virtua Rasa is where you find the tools and meet the talent to go forth and conquer. Or preserve. Or maybe even both.

Create an Account

If you’re new to adventures in our online worlds, go choose your username right now. We’ll still be here when you get back. If you get lost, this friendly icon (Image only) Tome of Knowledge (found at the top of every page) will get you to help.

  • Usernames are publicly visible. So unless you intend to announce your identity, we recommend that you choose a username that’s not personally identifiable. And hey, keep it classy, because the Internet remembers.

  • Your email address will not be made public. We’ll only use it for account maintenance, important service announcements, and the occasional (brief!) newsletter… but only if you tell us you want to get the newsletter. We promise not to spam you — we hate getting it, too!

Meet the Icons

The icons in this section aren't active, so clicking on them toggles zooming. Take a closer look!

This meeple meeple icon is your intrepid stand-in for units and tokens in this Quick Start.

Menus and Pop-Ups

Icons along the edges of the map let you interact with your map, your worlds, other players, Virtua Rasa, and even announce things to the Internet at large. Icons with this symbol new window icon will open a page in a new tab or window. Other icons toggle a pop-up area or dropdown list.

These buttons appear at the top of every page and let you communicate with Virtua Rasa:

(Image only) Tome of Knowledge

Tell Virtua Rasa that you need help! Anything you need to know about using Virtua Rasa as a player or as a GM is somewhere in our Tome of Knowledge. Read and be enlightened.

(Image only) Contact Us Talk to the Virtua Rasa admins. Is something broken? Was the Tome of Knowledge missing information? Want to compliment our illustrious code monkeys? Have a suggestion or request? Drop us a line. You can also find us on Twitter as @VirtuaRasa and on Facebook as Virtua Rasa.

(Image only) World & Atlas If you want to wander without being lost, it helps to have a map. (Apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien.) The name of the world you’re in appears to the right of the globe icon. Clicking the globe icon opens a dropdown list of revealed maps for the world. Hide it by clicking the globe icon again.

(Image only) User Icon

Tell Virtua Rasa what you want to do. Clicking the user icon opens a dropdown list of user-based activities.

Hide it by clicking the user icon again.

Here are the highlights of the icons and buttons you'll use most when adventuring in a world:

The full details of every icon and option are described in Navigating the Map or Creating a World.

Next to the user icon is a button with your username on it. (In our demo world, it has your random unit’s name on it.) Click this to find your unit on the map, if you’ve lost it.

Stack Indicator

Te last icon you might need to know about is the “stack indicator&rdquo  — this will show up when more than one unit is in the same space. Click on it (in the map; the icon here is only a sample) and it will reveal all the units. If one of the units is yours, and you want to move it out of the stack, you can single-click it in the popup, and then double-click somewhere else on the map. Your unit will move to the space you double-clicked. To dismiss the popup, you can hit Escape, or you click somewhere else on the map if you haven't already chosen a unit to move.


Once your account is created, give your username to your Gamemaster, and ask them to add you to their world. Their world will then appear on your Profile page. The link for the world can be bookmarked, so that you don’t always need to get to it from your profile page, but all worlds that you have access to will always be listed there.

Using the Map

It’s pretty likely that you’re going to get a unit in this world, so that you can move your character around the map. The pop-ups on the right will help you interact with the map, and are discussed in detail on the Navigating the Map page. A quick summary of the most important is below.


The unit list can be accessed from the “Units” pop-up, which can be opened and closed by clicking on the button with the six meeples on it units icon . This shows all of the visible units on the map1 and the connected players. (Each player currently connected to the world will have a green dot to the left of their name in the list.)

You can reorder any unit that you’re allowed to edit by dragging and dropping it within the unit list. (For example, this can be used to show initiative order.) You can also double-click any unit’s name to pan the map so that unit is visible.

Moving the Map

The compass rose compass rose icon button shows and hides the map movement pop-up. This can be used to zoom in and out, pan, center on your unit, or move the view to the edges or center of the map.

You can also interact with the map without using pop-ups:

  • Pan with click-drag or touch-drag
  • Zoom in and out with the scroll wheel or a pinch
  • Move units by clicking or touching them and then dragging them
  • Point to a place on the map with shift-click or long-press
  • Draw on the map by shift-click-drag or long-press-drag


The chat chat icon button shows and hides the text chat pop-up, and lists the number of number of unread messages below it.

Next Steps

Go play a game!

Feel free to read the rest of the manual if you want a more in-depth explanation of the user interface and how Virtua Rasa works.