This page is useful to Gamemasters. Players and Watches don’t have access to most of the controls described on this page and can’t make terrain.

Terrain is indicated on the map with the map’s background and tiles (inanimate tokens).

The Toolbox contains some useful symbols to add to a map.

Choosing New Tiles

Tiles can be chosen by clicking on the red Toolbox button (toolbox popup button) to open the Toolbox popup. (Tiles can also be added by opening the Token popup with the red and blue Token button (Token popup button) clicking the “New” button, and setting the token to “Inaninate”. Existing tokens can be made into tiles by changing them to Inanimate with the Quick Edit button [Quick Edit button]. Using the Toolbox is a lot faster when you want to place a lot of tiles.)

The color of the tiles can be changed with the color selectors at the top of the popup.

Using the Toolbox

While it’s open, the Toolbox takes over the normal pointing and drawing controls.

Shift-clicking, double clicking, and a long-press will all change the square’s contents.

  • The Toolbox ignores any tile that’s larger than size Medium.

  • The Toolbox also ignores any normal tokens, of any size.

  • If the square is empty (of tokens or of tiles the Toolbox doesn’t ignore), the tile currently selected in the Toolbox will be put in that square.

  • Otherwise (there’s a tile that’ Medium or smaller), the Toolbox will delete the token.

Shift-drag and long-press drag will tell the Toolbox to keep doing whatever it did in the first square. If it placed a tile in the first square, it will keep placing tiles as you drag. If it emptied the first square, it will keep erasing tiles as you drag.

Bigger Tiles

Tiles larger than Medium are useful for custom terrain using images uploaded to your world’s wiki. It's generally easiest to follow this process:

  • Create a new token using the Token List

  • Set its size, either with the size presets, or with a custom size (like 12x10)

  • Save the new token

  • Move it to the proper location

  • Use the Quick Edit make it Inanimate, locking it into place.

See the Tokens section for more details.

Importing Maps

If you prefer physical maps (graph paper, roll-out mats, printed tiles, or 3-D terrain) instead of purely electronic maps, you can use a digital camera, a webcam, or even a phone camera to take a picture of your map. Then, by using our perspective correction and saving the adjusted picture to the wiki, you can bring your physical map into Virtua Rasa!

You can also use a live image from a webcam (or a stabilized phone camera) by allowing Virtua Rasa access to your camera and then setting a tile’s icon to “camera”. See the Camera page for more information.