Each Virtua Rasa world includes a wiki for game notes, world design, image uploads, and anything else you'd like to write about your world. Both Gamemasters and players can read and edit the wiki, while watchers can only read it. In the future we will add finer control so Gamemasters may have pages they hide from the players.

To view the wiki, chose Profile->Wiki, which will open the wiki's main page in a new window. To edit a wiki page, choose the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the page. The wiki use CommonMark (basically a standardized version of Markdown) for markup. There is a link to the CommonMark documentation on the left side. To create a new page, create a link to it, using the CommonMark format, for example [newPage](newPage). When you navigate to a page that does not yet exist, you will be prompted to edit it.

To upload an image to your wiki, chose the 'Upload Image' link on the left side of a wiki page. Use the browse button to choose a file to upload (only GIF, JPG, and PNG are currently supported). Once you've chosen a file, the 'Upload To' field will be set to its name. You can edit that if you wish it to have a different name in your wiki. Click the Save button to complete your upload.

To use your uploaded file in your wiki, CommonMark's format is ![My Image](myImage.png). Use the :wiki/ prefix to have wiki images as unit icons or map backgrounds, for example :wiki/myImage.png.

You can see a list of all of your wiki pages in the 'Manage Wiki' link on the left side of any wiki page.